We adhere to a strict Covid-19 hygiene standard and our cleaning policy is implimented on the recommendations and guidlines from our travel & accommodation partners and is in accordance with government policy.

Support for our guests —

• We support good hand hygiene for guests and anyone involved with the property by providing sufficient hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap products at property entry points and key areas, and also encouraging hand washing regularly with water and soap.
• We implement social distancing policies during check-in and check-out, and during any interactions with guests.
• We inform guests on how they can contribute in prevention, and actions to take if they identify any symptoms.
• We provide cleaning and disinfecting products for guests to use, along with instructions; antibacterial hand-wash & additional personal hygiene products are also on hand for guests.
• Guests are able to clean the property themselves, however we will always clean and disinfect the apartment regardless of how well guests have cleaned.

Cleaning and disinfection —

A. Equipment:
Cleaning tools and personal protective equipment (PPE):
• Cleaning equipment is cleaned and disinfected before and after use to minimise the risk of contamination
• Cleaning products, personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools are always in good condition and supplied appropriately for the size and usage of the property
• Personal protective equipment (PPE) typically includes disposable single-use gloves, masks and shoe covers, as well as reusable eye protection.
• Any single-use equipment will be disposed of safely after use.
• Cleaning equipment typically includes brushes, sponges, microfibre rags, and mops with replaceable heads
• All equipment is fit for purpose, and approved or recommended by the local authorities

B. Our Cleaners:
• Are trained on how to use and care for and properly dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE).
• Are trained on properly using cleaning, disinfecting, and chemical products (e.g. germicides) and on safe waste disposal.
• Always use fit-for-purpose PPE during the cleaning process.
• Always safely dispose of Single-use PPE to minimise risk of contamination.
• Avoid touching their face during the cleaning process, as well as any unnecessary contact with surfaces, including personal belongings.
• Implement enhanced hand hygiene (washing both hands and forearms for at least twenty seconds) before and after removing gloves.

Cleaning and disinfection process —

A. General:
• Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising are three different steps in our overall process.
◦ Cleaning
◦ Disinfecting
◦ Sanitising
• We prevent cross contamination by using specific equipment by area (room, bathroom,
kitchen, living room)
• We plan the process to start with lowest risk areas first (bedroom, living room) to highest risk areas (kitchen, bathroom)
• We define a cleaning checklist to help ensure completion and keep records of these.
• We ventilate the property during and after the process
• Even if guests clean the property themselves, we always apply all three cleaning methods above after each booking.

B. Our Cleaning process:
• We clean with water and suitable detergents.
• We use detergent or soap and water, and leave to act for enough time, usually 3 to 5 minutes
• We rinse, dry, and wipe to remove all products
• We clean and disinfect all cleaning equipment

C. Our Disinfection process:
• We disinfect using the appropriate chemical per area.
• We follow manufacturer’s instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products utilised (concentration, application method and contact time, etc.).
• We follow manufacturer’s instructions for application, ensuring a contact time of at least 1 minute, and allowing proper ventilation during and after application.

D. We Prioritise high-touch surfaces such as:
• Door handles
• Controls and switches (e.g. light switches, cooking controls, television controls, light pull chains)
• Bathroom taps, toilet flush handles, toilet seats
• Utensils, cutlery and crockery
• Furniture: chairs, tables, and parts of the bed frames
• Linen, including those that appear unused
• Refuse, recycling bins, and any waste disposal containers
• Cleaning equipment
• Guest information, brochures, maps

E. Our linen management:
• We minimise handling of used linen to minimise risk of contamination, particularly shaking.
• We use a linen management company called Stalbridge Linen, they wash our linen at the highest temperatures and dry completely before storing.
• Our clean linen is always stored and handled separately from all used linen and is fully changed between stays whether used or not.

We are proudly accredited as a Covid-19 Confident Establishment by the AA.

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